General character:

Sagittarius (the archer) is optimistic and full of life. You are adventurous, energised and an extrovert. You continue to have a positive outlook even when your ideas are put down. You are always on the side of the underdog. You have good judgment and enjoy starting projects. You have a nagging need to feel free, which can get you into trouble. You also tend to be impatient.

Romantic character:

You are on good terms with members of the opposite sex and enjoy a friendly relationship with them. As an extrovert and a sensible person, your personal relations should give you happiness and satisfaction. Due to undue sentimental attachments you tend to get into trouble. You should look for reciprocation in inter-relationships.

Go slow when not sure. This phase can be full of joy or agony according to the way you act. As far as the opposite sex is concerned, though you have a good rapport with them it will be wise to be discreet. The opposite sex fascinates you and you maintain good relations with them without getting into frivolous acts.

Important Information on Sagittarians

Good career choices for you are: Musician, Teacher, Travel agent, Pilot, Athlete, Bookkeeper

Sagittarians are prone to hip and thigh problems, and may also have poor hair, skin, and nails. Your ruling planet is Jupiter.
The centaur (half horse, half man) is associated with Sagittarius.
Your lucky color is purple.
Your lucky gemstone is topaz.
Your lucky numbers : 3, 5 and 8.