Date Ideas She is Guaranteed to Remember

She's the woman of your dreams and making a great impression, or creating that perfect atmosphere that she's sure to remember for the rest of her life is important to you. Yet for many men, romance doesn't always come easily. You've wracked your brain, but still that perfect date idea eludes you. Well never fear, some dating ideas she's guaranteed to remember are here! Candlelight A candlelight dinner is great, especially if you were the one to do the cooking, but you can take this basic idea to a whole new level, ensuring that she remembers it for a long time to come. Instead of eating at home, you could surprise her with a candlelit beach picnic. Eat, look at the twinkling stars, feel the sand in your toes and listen to the surf come in.

What could possibly be more romantic than that? Balloons Anyone? Take her on a hot air balloon ride, replete with wine! Take some pictures of her on the ride, along with some of the beautiful scenery. The next day, make a collage of your date, which is sure to guarantee she remembers it forever. Massage After a hard day at work, surprise her with a formal massage. Dress up for her, ready some wine and candles and when she arrives, treat her to a full body massage.

The Adventure Date Create an adventure for her. Make clues using rhymes or puzzles, which lead her to different destinations. You can make a small home-based adventure or explore your wilder side and make it a citywide hunt. Have something waiting for her, once she's figured out the clues. Gift certificates to a spa or a fancy restaurant dinner are good choices.

She's sure to remember the effort you put forth on her behalf. Rooftop Love! Set up a rooftop picnic. You can watch the sunset or count shooting stars from your rooftop, while enjoying each other's company as well as some good food. Just remember to do this on a relatively flat roof.

you wouldn't want to have her remember this date for other reasons, such as one of you falling off the roof. Falling for someone is okay, but falling off a rooftop is a little extreme and beyond the call of duty. Boat To Keep The Love Afloat Set a cooler inside a boat filled with some food and drink. Lead her to the boat blindfolded, and treat her to a romantic maritime date.

You could even set up a little music (battery operated obviously) and enjoy some romantic music on your own private love boat. End the night with a campfire and some roasted marshmallows. Guaranteed, your date will remember this dating idea for a very long time. Hopefully, if you're struggling for some inspiration, this article has given you some ideas on how to create the perfect date that she's guaranteed to remember!.

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