Indepth Texas Holdem Strategies

Learning Texas Holdem Poker is a fairly easy task ? game rules and basic strategy are very clear and comprehensive, but you shall need to make your way through months of study and practice if you are planning to win in top Texas Holdem Poker rooms and world tournaments. Although the basics are very easy and that's what attracts the majority of online players, they're just the crowd of comparatively equal players. They don't lose too much, but they never win a lot, so if you really want to do your best and start earning serious money, then your goal is to learn as much as you can and dedicate enough time to practice your knowledge and master your skills.

Remember that Texas Holdem is a highly intellectual game that requires thinking, patience and discipline, not luck. The following list of 31 items is a brief introduction to in-depth Texas Holdem strategies, which may appear to be a great help on your way to success. You can find expanded articles on the following items and much more useful information and tips at 1.

Never forget that the object of Texas Holdem is to win money. The only way to make playing Texas Holdem really enjoyable is to become a winning player and start earning money. Many people say they play for fun, but how fun is it to waste your money and time for actually nothing? Moreover, getting used to play money games adjusts you to the style of play which is not applicable in real money games and then it takes much patience and time to change the way you feel the game. 2. Dedicate your Texas Holdem bankroll and try keeping to this amount .

Treat your Texas Holdem bankroll like an investment account and never bet your "scary" money i.e. the money you need for life. Remember that you need at least 20 times the minimal bet to enter a comparatively loose game and at least 50 times the minimal bet to participate in an aggressive game. Keep track of your wins and losses and proceed to more expensive tables only when you start winning over 60% of games you play. 3.

Only bet money you can afford to lose. There is no reason for risking with your "scary" money, i.e. money you need for life.

Moreover, it's really hard to concentrate when you bet unaffordable money and are constantly scared of losing them. 4. Choose tables and stakes matching your skill level and your bankroll . It is a fact that expensive tables are always crowded by skilled players. It is extremely hard to find a newbie at even a $25/$50 Limit Texas Holdem game and besides you need at least 20 times the minimal stake to enter a comparatively loose game and at least 50 times the minimal stake to participate in an aggressive game, which is $500/$1250 for a $25/$50 Limit Texas Holdem Game. If you're a beginner ? consider $0,25/$0,5 or $0,5/$1 tables to start with.

The point is that even if you play very good, you can have a bad run and you shouldn't allow that bad run exhaust your bankroll and force you out of the game in a couple of hands. 5. Learn how to treat and manage your Texas Holdem bankroll . If you are planning to play Texas Holdem for living, then you have to learn how to treat your bankroll.

I mean that you have to dedicate enough money for both living and keep on playing Texas Holdem in one of the poker rooms of your choice. This is fairly easy, but you need to learn it before starting your poker career any way. 6. Avoid playing when you have any major personal or business issues. This simply means that you should avoid playing Texas Holdem if you experience any personal or business problems that may impact on your ability to concentrate and think clearly. Even most disciplined and self-controlled players lose, when they're on the bad track in their lives.

7. Avoid playing Texas Holdem when you aren't at least the second best player at the table . This rule is one of the basic principles of a winning Texas Holdem game. You should be at least second or third best player, considering that you are in the leading half of the party (i.

e. you must be the best if you have only one opponent, you must be at least second best if you have two, three or four opponents and at least third best if you have five or more opponents). This also means that even if you're an average player, you are bound to win if you're the best or at least the second best player at the table. 8.

Never underestimate the value of your skills, but don't be overly confident. Trust your abilities to win in a certain game, but always honestly estimate your winning potential. Getting overconfident is a surefire way to let one of your opponents sneak up on you and steal whole stack. 9.

Avoid playing Texas Holdem in any of the disturbing states. Do not risk with your money when you are drunk, sleepy, or simply tired. It is better to skip even a scheduled game, if there is anything that can impact your concentration and thinking. Take a break, change activity or do anything else, but playing Texas Holdem, when you cannot mobilize your intellectual abilities on the appropriate level.

10. Be a disciplined Texas Holdem player . Discipline is a keystone of good Texas Holdem. You can be a skillful player, but you cannot become a winning superstar, unless you do best with your discipline, which means that you must be patient, not rush in you decisions and never be on tilt. Yes, good poker may sometimes be boring, but see item #1 ? your objective is to earn money and you have to be disciplined to do that.

11. Never underestimate your opponent(s). It's always better to give your opponents more respect than they deserve than underestimate their abilities, which can be easily concealed under the mask of naivety, uncertainty or poor skills. Good Texas Holdem player always throughly evaluates his opponents, before actually judging them.

Keep a sharp eye on your opponents and you will be confident about their skills and their behavior in a couple of hands. 12. Play just good starting hands . It is a fact that a good Texas Holdem player plays just 5-15% of the dealt hands, because there are just about 5-15% of good starting hands ? the rest must be folded preflop.

You can read an expanded article with lists of good starting hands at 13. Learn to evaluate your opponents' hands . This is another key to successful Texas Holdem. Evaluate your opponents and you will quickly understand how strong they are at the moment. For example some chatty players get silent when they finally get a worthy hand, some change their betting behavior, etc.

14. Learn how to bluff, but never overdo it too . Bluffing is a powerful weapon of a successful Texas Holdem player, but it is rather hard to use in the right way. I mean that everybody bluff, but many bluff too obviously to name that a successful bluff. For a mediocre or a poor player incompetent bluffing can cost a lot of money. 15.

Learn to change your playing style . You must be able to change your playing style and behavior within several hands regardless of the situation, or otherwise your opponents will be able to read your pattern of play and predict your decisions in the consequent games. Being unpredictable is also an important skill of a good Texas Holdem player. 16. Try keeping to selective and aggressive style of play . This rule always goes together with being a disciplined Texas Holdem player.

There's nothing worse than to be a "calling station", while being aggressive and raising opens you two different ways of winning the game ? your opponent(s) will either fold, or you can beat them with a better hand. 17. Evaluate your opponents' betting patterns . As we've already discussed you shouldn't keep to same betting patterns all the time in order to prevent your opponents from evaluating your play, but at the same time you should try to evaluate your opponents' betting patterns, because some Texas Holdem players have clearly obvious betting patterns, which can be used to easily predict and defeat them. 18.

Get familiar with odds . Odds and outs just seem to be complicated. Take time to get familiar with these terms and their meanings. To be brief ? your outs are the number of cards which can take your losing hand and turn it into a winning one. This is very important, when you try to decide whether to call or fold. 19.

Learn to calculate your pot odds . "Pot odds" is the relative size of the pot and the size of your bet. You definitely want to be able to calculate whether it is worth to keep staying in the pot, or your bet is bigger than your actual chances relative to your share in the pot. Sometimes it is rather hard to calculate your pot odds, but fortunately there are some handy Texas Holdem pot odds calculators, which are especially useful when you have to quickly make decision and have no time for complex calculations.

You can find one of the best Texas Holdem Pot Odds calculators at 20. Know when to fold . It is senseless to continue the game and contribute even more money into the pot, when you have no chances to win, even if your current contribution is pretty huge. Do not regret ? just fold and move on.

21. Don't get upset when you're on the bad run . Although Texas Holdem is a game of skill, not luck, there are times when you are on the bad run. And this is a good test for your nerves, because many players get so disturbed and upset that even when they finally get a good hand they play it in the worst way. What I want to say is that you shouldn't get upset even if you get dealt with twenty crappy hands in a row.

Your lucky cards are just about to come and there is no point of getting upset at all. 22. Keep records of your games . One of the best and easiest ways to master your skills and improve your play in general is to keep track of ea.

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