Do You Want To Know What Women Want In A Man

Wouldn't you like to know the keys to really attracting women and turning them on? Good, you are not alone. Knowing what women want and becoming that man will have women flocking to you in no time. In learning about what women want in a man, one of the most important aspects is the idea of attraction. This is the chemistry that can seem intangible in the dating and relationship game, yet with practice, you can give yourself the greatest chance to attract the woman that you are truly interested in. To create off the hook chemistry and passion between you and a woman, you have to tap into the primal energy that has been pasted on to you through the generations.

In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, this is the very first driving need and motivator. Sex sells, and the advertising agencies know it, because it is the most primal force that has kept our species alive through the generations. Regardless of how many bizarre, fear based, and guilt inducing religious and human constructs that have been put on sexuality, the primal forces of attraction have continued to pull men and women together. If a belief system successfully convinced the human race to abstain from sex, then that belief would destroy the human species in one generation, faster than any green house effect, deforestation, or pollution. Artificial taboos to natural, divine created, biological functioning is what creates the blocks, confusion, and mixed message that then manifests as sexual dysfunction such as rape, molestation, and mutilation.

The key is to reclaim the natural primal energy that is our birthright and harness this great reservoir of raw energy and be able to direct this energy with wisdom. Without the proper understanding, application, or mastery over one's primal energy, you cannot easily create the explosive chemistry to attract women easily. Imagine if you were transported back to the time of cavemen and cavewoman. If you lived in ancient times, what qualities in a man would you have chosen? You would probably pick someone who someone who can fight off wild animals and other cavemen, someone who is willing to stick around to provide for and help raise your baby, someone who can procure the resources of food and shelter, and someone who is visually symmetrical which indicates genetic strength and health.

These subconscious attraction strategies reveal what women are still attracted to today. There is primal selection and attraction energy at work today. Women want someone who is an alpha male (fighter/protector), someone who will stick around (emotional connection), someone who has money (resources), and someone who is good looking (health). Over thousands of years, women have continually refined their ability to choose men with these four main survival characteristics.

Out of all the qualities selected for by women on a primal level, the alpha male characteristic is one of first ones selected for, because on a primal and survival level, an alpha male can kill someone who is better looking, kill a male who is willing to stick around for a long time with the baby, and take resources and territory away from another male. This is why many women will choose to be with "bad boys" although many of them reap the emotional havoc from the lack of nurturing and commitment. Many women stick around despite of abuse because their primal attraction mechanism for an alpha male has been fired off. Many women still desire to be "taken" because an alpha male can take her while beta males hesitate, check around, and ask for permission. However, if they could pick, they would choose to have a "bad boy" who is deeply connected to them emotionally.

Developmentally, a women's emotionally sensitivity is especially heightened because she needs to have the almost psychic ability to sense whether a man is connected to her emotionally. Any time she has sex, on a primal and biological level, she can get pregnant. If the man is not emotionally connected to her, then he will not be there for her and she could die during childbirth, or at the very least be stuck with taking care of and providing for her child by herself for the next 10+ years. All of this pain and suffering can result from one simple decision and one moment of mis-judgement of a man's character. As a result of these intense evolutionary pressures, most women have super antennae hard wired into their DNA for alpha male qualities and emotional acuity that can judge whether most guys make the cut within the first 15 seconds.

So regardless of whether you are rich or poor, good looking or plain, if you can master the art of becoming an emotionally mature alpha male, solid and confident in knowing that you can handle yourself in any situation and develop emotional depth, connection, and refinement, you can light up a woman's primal attraction circuitry like a Christmas tree! This is great news for you because amplifying your primal masculine energy and mastering the art of emotional intimacy are both learnable skills that can take you from being a complete failure with women to being a rock star. I know, because I was way overweight with English as a second language who couldn't get any prom dates throughout high school and couldn't get laid through college. And now, having had to learn from the ground up, I have dated some of the most gorgeous and amazing women in the world from Budweiser models and models with 2 story pictures hanging from trade centers. You might be asking yourself, what can I do right now to develop the tribal leader and emotional connection qualities? One of the best ways to begin to develop yourself into an alpha-male is to begin tapping into your physical power.

Work out, get into a competitive sport, learn a martial art. The sexiest way to channel all this energy is in choosing and claiming of your woman so that you would be willing to die to protect her. To further develop your ability to create emotional depth with your woman, you have to first follow the ancient axiom, "Cemet Nosce", "Know Thyself".

Write down the answers to these questions: What are you passionate about? What fulfills you to the core and brings you deep joy? If you had 60 million dollars what would you create and contribute to the world? Knowing the answers to these questions and asking these questions of your woman takes you past the façade of daily living into a more core level of vision and living your higher calling that connects the two of you more than just the primal attraction level which is directly related to how good your lovemaking will be later on. Now that you know what women want in a man, take action. There's no time like the present, carpe diem, and start developing the essential qualities of an emotionally mature alpha-male today and you will experience the benefits faster than you think. Copyright (c) 2008 Neo Young.

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