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Slots strategy number 1: Play the three wheel slots So you're all set to start playing online casino games. The first thing to remember when playing slot machine games is to stick with the three wheel slots. Now the four-wheel slots look like so much more fun, but the reality is that your odds decrease every time a wheel is added in the mix. Three wheel slots can increase your playing time, even on the free online slot machines, and more importantly increase your odds of winning. An increase in playing time doesn't necessarily increase your chances, but isn't it more fun to play for a longer time? Slots strategy number 2: Play big to win big Here's another gem in our list of online slots secrets; play the maximum to win big. It only makes sense.

If you want to hit the jackpot in slot machine games, then you have to play like you mean it. Of all the online slots secrets this one may seem the most obvious, but people still don't take it seriously. From a pure math standpoint it's true. A mathematical online slots secret.

Slots strategy number 3: Play with coins instead of credits Of all the online slot tips this one is purely psychological. If you play with credits you have already laid down your money for them once you begin playing. When playing slot machine games even free online slot machines, you should pace yourself. It's a heck of a lot easier to pace yourself when you're watching actual coins drop into the machine. With credits, it's just a number on the machine. Also, when playing slot machine games you want to be aware of how much money you have left to spend.

It's much more apparent with real money than with credits. Slots strategy number 4: Check out the machine before you play This online slot tip is really a big secret. The machines really are set up to be different. If you compare the payout tables you will see that they can range from 80% to 99%. Make sure you get one of the slot machine games paying out the highest. Slots strategy number 5: Check out the site In online casino games there are good, bad and ugly.

If you pay attention to these online slot secrets at all take this advice. Do your homework. Read everything the site has to offer. Check out the tech support if they have it and make sure you find the fine print.

It may seem tedious but it's well worth the time. I cannot stress this enough as the most important online slot tip. Another word about online casino games There are online slots secrets and online slot tips out there for the casual player. Not all slot machine games are created equal and getting accurate information is key to winning and enjoying online casino games.

It's important to remember that slot machine games are meant to be enjoyed so take this online slot tip to heart and don't bet your paycheck. There are free online slot machines out there for the casual user to enjoy, so go have fun.} For more information from some real gambling experts check out www.slotstop.

com . It's full of reviews of the best sites to check out and great tips for playing smarter online casino games.

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