Safety videos

Safety training is a high priority in every organization, and US laws are in place to ensure all employees receive basic safety training. One of the quickest and most cost effective ways to train employees in safety procedures is safety videos. Safety videos are now being used by organizations the world over to train employees in safety procedures.

In addition, safety videos are usually developed and designed to be industry specific, OSHA compliant, and illustrate and explain the concepts behind various industrial safety procedures. Benefits of safety videos Save time Instead of spending hours in a classroom looking at PowerPoint presentations reading boring safety manuals, employees find it much simpler to grasp safety concepts if they are presented in the form of a video. It is an well-known fact that people relate to and pay attention to multimedia rich content like videos, and there is no denying that safety videos are the fastest way to demonstrate and explain the rationale behind safety procedures. Cheaper than hiring a safety trainer Safety trainers can charge thousands of dollars and have to be hired every time an employee(s) requires safety training. Many organizations have a permanent safety officer and train their employee using safety videos first.

The safety officer simply gives new employees 'hands on' training after they have viewed the safety video. Available in various languages Safety videos are usually designed with a multicultural workforce in mind. Most safety videos are made in both English and Spanish and are a great way to train a multicultural workforce without having to spend money on translators and additional training aids. Safety videos are also the most cost effective means to train and educate a culturally diverse workforce about safety procedures. Reduce accidents As mentioned earlier in the article, the information provided by safety videos is easily comprehended by employees.

The end goal of safety training is to educate and prepare employees for any eventuality and safety videos are one of the most effective means to train employees. It is an established fact that organizations that use safety videos to train their employees have lower incidences of accidents and even employees consider such organizations a safer place to work. Lower insurance costs Safety videos can also reduce insurance costs by allowing organizations to follow industry best practices.

Organizations that are certified 'safe' have no trouble in getting safety insurance and also pay much lower insurance premiums. An organization can also choose cost effective insurance plans once they are confident that all their employees are properly trained in safety procedures. Compliance with safety laws is also necessary for higher certifications like ISO. A safer workplace also ensures lower insurance rates for Workers' Compensation insurance coverage and that means more money to your companies bottom line! In a nut shell, safety videos have made an impact on the way organizations impart safety training to their employees.

Not only are safety videos cost effective and fast, they also help build a safe and injury free workplace. To locate and purchase safety videos visit

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