Tips for Making a Perfect Arrangement for Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving vacation! What a grand time to have a party. Boys and girls love to dress in costume and a nice idea is to ask each guest to come to the party dressed as a Puritan. Take a tip from this article on how to arrange such wonderful and a nice Thanksgiving party. A good game to start your party off is "Laughing Handkerchief." Everybody sits in a circle.

"IT" holds a handkerchief in the air while everyone laughs. The harder you laugh the more fun it is. Without warning "IT" drops the hanky.

When it hits the floor everyone is supposed to stop laughing and immediately put on a "straight face." The last one to stop laughing becomes "IT." This is lots of fun. When this hilarious game has been played for a bit and while your guests are still seated in a circle, the "Count Your Blessings" game can be played. One child starts off with "I am grateful for apples" or something beginning with the letter "a.

" The next child is grateful for something beginning with "b" as "I am grateful for my brother." The third "c" might say, "I am grateful for children to play with." So on around the circle and through the alphabet. If a child fails to think of a word beginning with the proper letter he drops out of the circle. The one remaining in the circle longest can be given a chocolate turkey as a prize. "Indian Trader," an active game, is a nice change after sitting games.

Guests divide into two groups and locate at opposite ends of the room. One group is called "Traders" and the other "Indians." The traders decide among themselves upon some vegetable to sell to the Indians. When they have chosen one they march across the room and stand before the Indians. A spokesman says "We have a vegetable to sell. Guess what.

" As soon as some Indian names the right vegetable all the traders scoot for their own side of the room with the Indians in hot pursuit. If an Indian catches one of the traders, he must join the Indians. Then the Indians take their turn at selling vegetables. This game entertains for some time. A nice quiet game to follow can be "Questions and Answers," either oral or written. If written, of course, paper and pencils must be furnished.

A suitable and not too hard list is: Answers 1. What is the Thanksgiving fowl? Turkey. 2. Who were guests at the first Thanksgiving dinner? Indians.

3. Who were the hosts at the first American Thanksgiving dinner? Puritans. 4.

Name one grain the Pilgrims found in the new world . Corn. 5. At what time of the year did the Pilgrims hold their first Thanksgiving? In the fall after the Harvest.

If desired a small prize may be given to the one answering correctly the most questions. Nice refreshments are orange ice and gingerbread turkeys. If there is cold turkey in the house turkey sandwiches are good. Then there always is ice cream. Ice cream in turkey molds and cookies in the shape of pumpkins are sure to please your guests. Thanksgiving party is very much helpful for the kids.

It makes them think what they are grateful for as well as fill them with a great joy and fun being together with friends.

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