Tips to Help Your Child Improve Their Memory at Study Time

When I was younger, I hated going upstairs to study for tests. Actually, it wasn't the upstairs that bothered me, it was the studying for the tests that was the problem. I knew I would be faced with the same problem I had had countless times before: holding onto the information I needed for the test the next day. I needed to improve my memory but I didn't know how. It was a losing effort and I knew I was the one losing.

And the surprising thing was, the school was no help. To this day, they don't teach students about memory skills and how to retain and recall information without the hassles and headaches. They still say, "Go home and study chapter 5 for tomorrow!" They don't ask how you'll do it. They only know that you better do it if you want a good grade. If you have strong memory skills to get that grade, great.

If not, well, try harder. That's why I've listed three ways I'd like to share with parents that will help their child improve their memory at study time. Three tips that parents need to keep in mind each time their child studies. Tip #1 - Make sure your child knows what needs to be studied. Sounds so simple (it always sounds so simple!) but it's true. Part of problem with students is they don't have what they need when they need it.

When they are clear about what is on the test, they can get to it immediately. No distracting phone calls to friends, no desperate searches for clues, no wasted time. Memory ability increases automatically when your child is organized.

Tip #2 - Make sure your child understands the material before you begin to commit it to memory. Read it through a few times to get the major points. Once they have an understanding of what's going on and why, they can begin to group items and facts in ways that will make them easier to recall the next day. Tip #3 - Make sure your child uses memory strategies when they study. Memory strategies help with filing the information they need to remember. If it's filed correctly, it can be found quickly and easily.

You need to have proven ways to encode information that work for you every time. This way, you just follow the same pattern and it becomes automatic. Like riding a bicycle. Once you learn you never forget.

Most learning specialists recommend mnemonics. Studies at major universities show that mnemonics are some of the most powerful techniques for storing (and later recalling) information. They also fit the bill for students with learning problems. They're fun and allow students to use their creativity and get engaged. Anytime kids can enjoy the learning process, the better the results. So there you go.

Follow these tips and you'll improve your child's memory the very first day. And more importantly, your child will have a plan that works. It really makes a difference.

Jim Sarris is a veteran teacher and author of two books on memory strategies: Comic Mnemonics for Spanish Verbs and Memory Skills Made Easy, a book/DVD that helps kids remember more of what they study. No struggles, no hassles, no headaches. For a free report and more information, visit Improve your child's memory.


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